The Stump Chair

I had seen a few "stump" based projects on the Interwebs and wanted the opportunity to do something awesome with I ended up with this! 

This was an amazing tree stump. I acquired it from the abandon hills of Mammoth Mountain, California...and I couldn't wait to make something awesome from it. I don't know the wood type, but boy is it hard. 

Diamond in the rough.


So I got to hacking.


Used my Ryobi electric hand planer to smooth out the top and take off bit branch bases.

Hand planed and sanded with my orbital sander. And now smooth. I was super excited to see how the super green wood dried out. My hope was that, because I wasn't controlling the humidity/drying timeline as I have no means to, the stump would form a huge crack once it had dried out. I think it just looks cool.

Let the four month dry-out period begin.

120 days later, it's dried out (enough) with some sweet cracks. Time to round out the edges. I started with my circular saw, angled at 45°, to cut out the sides. Used a chisel to take off pieces that didn't quite come off.  

After cutting, the belt sander took over. 60 grit and a lotta force started to smooth things out. 

Clearly I am right handed and push all the saw dust onto my left side. #ankles

Getting closer...

40 minutes.
60 grit sand belt --> 120 orbital sander --> 240 sanding block.
It was complete.

Cleaned it off with a wet microfiber rag, sanded down lightly one more time to smooth over the raised grains, and added a coat of tung oil. 

This was a quicker project. This can be used for many things in the living room: foot rest, hold the tv remotes, stool to sit on...whatever floats your boat. Thinking about adding a few clear coats to it eventually...

RYOBI Circular Saw
RYOBI Cordless Orbital Sander
RYOBI Belt Sander
RYOBI Corded Hand Planer
Hand Sanding Sponges  (120-220 Grit)

You can check out my new DIY YoutTube Channel here!

Thanks for reading!